After a year and a half of being moth balled, the Petroleum Accountant’s Society of San Antonio (PASSA) was excited to kick-off a new COPAS year by having attorney Wade Caldwell speak at our September meeting.  His topic was “10 Biggest Royalty Owner Complaints in Dealing with Operators”.  He provided Operators great information on how to better communicate with Royalty Owners thus creating better Operator/Owner relationships and greatly reducing the number of problems between the parties.  Wade also gave important tips to Owners to aid them in being more pro-active in managing their mineral interests. 

We were also excited to roll out our new standing committee, “Midstream”.  Dan Hodgson is the committee chair.  Dan currently works for Stakeholder Midstream.  He has been involved in the Midstream side of the Energy Industry for many years and will bring his expertise to help better educate PASSA as well as COPAS National about this sector of the Oil & Gas Industry.  Dan will be our main speaker for our November meeting.   Dan also serves on the COPAS National APA® Board of examiners. 

PASSA would also like to introduce Jay Jackson of AMS-PAR as our new website committee chair.  Jay has recently overhauled our website.  Please take some time to look at it

Lastly, PASSA would like to express gratitude to Dan Triezenberg for keeping us plugged in to current events through his assembling of the Virtual COPAS Small Society Collaboration.  Even though PASSA is meeting face to face again we are looking forward to continuing the Small Society virtual presentations.