The question I submitted in last July 2021 President’s Message was “Is the insanity over?” My answer to that today is “I think so.”  The question I ask now is “Where are we headed in 2022?” My crystal ball says, “the Oil and Gas Industry is on the rise again”. 

  • Brent Crude price – $81.75/BBL
  • Natural Gas price – $3.92/MCF
  • Texas Rig Count – 250 and continuing to increase
  • The industry is very active with Acquisitions and Divestitures
  • The Oil and Gas companies have a new capital expenditure budget
  • Salaries and bonuses should increase due to the labor shortage
  • We have adjusted to the COVID pandemic, and most companies are now productive again

I believe as we continue moving through 2022, life, family, and jobs will continue to improve. I say “it is about time!”  We’ve been through enough struggles in the last couple of years.  If I were a young business professional, I would look forward to working in the Oil and Gas Industry.  Let’s have some FUN in 2022!