Is the insanity over?  That is the question I keep asking myself.  This last year and a half has been unprecedented. In April 2020 oil prices and stock prices hit record lows.  The impact of that was companies going bankrupt and folks losing their jobs.  That was a bleak time.  However, if you have been in the Oil and Gas business for any length of time you have seen bleak times before.  As I look back on my career there were times I wanted to jump ship and get out of the Energy Industry but I’m so glad I stayed.  In my opinion there are no other industries as exciting as Energy.  I have loved every moment of my career.  I have learned so much, met a lot of great folks, been to a lot of cool places and earned a nice living.  Even though I retired April 30, 2021, my time in the Oil & Gas business is not over.  I still have things to learn, people to meet and places to go. 

Now, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself.  I’ve worked in the Oil & Gas industry for 31 years.  I began my career in 1990 working for Union Pacific Resources in Fort Worth, TX.  I worked for UPR for 10 years until Anadarko Petroleum bought the company in 2000.  I was fortunate to find another job at Burlington Resources located right down the road from UPR’s Fort Worth office.  I worked for BR for seven years until ConocoPhillips bought the company in 2007.  I chose not to move to Bartlesville, OK to work for ConocoPhillips so I started looking for another job in Fort Worth.  I was again fortunate to quickly find my third Oil & Gas job working for EOG Resources.  After eight years of working for EOG in Fort Worth’s Barnett Shale division, I was transferred to EOG’s San Antonio Eagle Ford division.  After working six years in EOG’s San Antonio division, I retired in the spring of 2021.

My goals as President of PASSA this year are:

  1. Provide the best Oil & Gas industry speakers to help broaden our Industry knowledge.
  2. Keep PASSA informed of all COPAS National’s meetings, events, and new publications.
  3. Grow our PASSA membership

I thank all the folks that registered this year.  The Executive Board and I are looking forward to serving you.