Welcome to 2024! I’m excited about a new beginning professionally and personally. The oil and gas business appears as strong as ever. Keep pumping that natural gas and black gold Texas tea.

At the end of the old year and beginning of the new year I always enjoyed seeing what the company’s capital and LOE budgets were. Seeing those numbers told me what kind of a year to expect for the company and the oil and gas industry. Although I’m not privy to those numbers anymore because I’m retired, I do expect that 2024 will be another good year for oil and gas companies and another good year for oil and gas accountants. Early in my career I considered working in another industry besides oil and gas. Thank goodness I didn’t make the move. When I look back it seems there would have been no other industry that provided excitement, high pay, good benefits, and opportunity like the oil and gas business did.

So, hang on for another exciting and busy year. Set some attainable career goals. Expect to be challenged with some adversity. In my career, I never liked adversity because it was usually painful, but adversity always grew me as an accountant and human being.

So, here is to raising a toast for a spectacular 2024. Git-er-done!!